Fitness week recap – 9/30/2019

Week Starting 9/30/2019
 30.9 miles
 49.1 miles
Steps: 107,545
 (53.5 miles –  22.6 walking)

Impression: This week was back at it. I managed 4 runs over the week, including a 14 mile run in cold rain on Saturday. I’m going to taper things down for a couple weeks through to recover a bit more, so this will probably be my highest mileage week for a couple of weeks.

Biking was bigger than expected this week due to an impromptu bike packing trip with Mike. He pinged me on Thursday night, and we were on the trail Saturday afternoon. It added a nice 35-40 mile boost to my weekly biking totals, and gave me an opportunity to try out bike packing. I’ll post a longer blog about it, but I have a lot of thoughts on what worked, and what didn’t.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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