Running break

Ever since my 50 mile, and 50K race I’ve had some soreness and pain in my left Achilles tendon. I finally went to the doctor to get it checked this week. First, I was sorely disappointed in Twin Cities Orthopedics, as the entire operation feels like a factory now, getting people in and out as quickly as possible. I had an appointment to see a doctor, but first the athletic trainer saw me, and then a physician’s assistant. The PA gave me my diagnosis and sent me on my way without any imaging, and I never actually saw the doctor I made the appointment to see. Needless to say, it’s not the experience I was looking for.

The PA said that she believed it was simply a tendonitis and I need to take a bunch of ibuprofen and stop running for two weeks. I’ll give it a try for a couple weeks and see how it feels with some rest. I don’t like taking such a long break from running, but if it helps I’ll endure it. I still have some slight concerns that there could be something else going on that an x-ray or MRI would have shown, but I don’t feel like getting another run-around to try and get one done.

So for the next two weeks I’ll be taking it easy and my Strava feel will be pretty sparse. I’m still going to bike a bit, but otherwise I’ll be resting up and seeing if I can lick this pretty quick.


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