Changing the bike tires

My tires on my bike are original from 2011 and have thousands of miles on them. I needed to get some replacement brake pads as well, so today I splurged and got some completely new tires and tubes. I decided to do some Specialized Roubiax tires that the person at the bike shop claimed that they used all winter long, yet were road style tires.

I have never changed tires on a bike before, so this afternoon was quite the experience. I got everything off just fine, however I put the front tire on backwards, but for a front tire that doesn’t matter. It just means my locking mechanism is on the other side than the back tire. The back tire was more of a challenge, but I managed to figure out how to work around the gear and I got it all put together in about 45 minutes.

I’m kinda proud of myself for trying something new that I had very little knowledge about, and being successful. After putting on new brake pads I took it out for my Wednesday night biking and beer group, and it performed really well. Overall, a really great day for biking and bike repair.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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