Hot morning for running

Today’s agenda was to run 13 or more, and my original plan was two loops of the 7 mile horse trail at Elm Creek. I arrived about 6am, and I could already tell it was going to be a hot one. I strapped on my vest and headed out. The humidity was killer, but the sun wasn’t above the tree line so it was mostly pleasant to run. I even snapped the following pic, which I think turned out pretty good.

The grass was pretty long on the trail, and my feet were soaked within seconds. The longer grass annoyed me somewhat, but I managed to keep moving. What eventually doomed me was the bugs. I had applied some bug spray to my lower body to keep away the ticks, but didn’t put anything on my head. As I ran through the trail I encountered a sensation like raindrops hitting my head, but it was insects. I was constantly flicking bugs off of my head as I tried to run. At one point I needed to pee, so I jumped to the side of the trail, only to find that I couldn’t stop because I was getting eaten alive.

At this point I was near a turn-off point and decided to abandon the horse trails and just stick to the paved track around the park. Eventually the sun got higher in the sky and my suffering increased, but I managed to finish out 15 miles with an 11:25 pace. Not my fastest for sure, but running in the burning sun really saps me.

The weather has been really brutal for running lately. I just don’t know that I can get up any earlier to avoid the heat. I may need to try some evening runs and see if I fare better with those.

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