Sunday morning update

Finally saw the first Riddick movie, Pitch Black, last night. Not much to say about it, it was a decent alien style action flick. It was obviously filmed on a budget, but it was overall enjoyable. I took a look at the descriptions of the next two movies and they look like they delve a bit more into the world around Riddick, so I might enjoy those even more.

Took a nice little bike ride this morning and beat my previous time on a course that I did last week. It was a much nicer morning today to be active because the sun was behind the clouds. I also decided to give myself a nice quad workout by ramping up the gearing. That had the side effect of substantially boosting my speed as well as blasting the quads.

Back to work at the new job this week. Should be good, and I’m starting to get into the swing of things. Got a few things I need to work on fixing, but overall it’s going well. For today though it’s about relaxing with hopped beverages and eventually some board games.

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