Ubongo game

Last night we hit Games Center for some dinner and family game time for a short getaway. After playing a round of Ingenious, which is a fun simple tile laying game we tried something new. It’s a game called Ubongo. The object of the game is to collect gems of the same color, and you do that by solving tetris like puzzles on your individual game board.

At the start of every turn each player is given a game board with a puzzle on it that requires you to use various tetris like shapes to solve. However, you are limited to only the shapes that are determined by a roll of the die. The dice has a symbol on it that lines up with the pictures of which pieces you’re allowed to use on your gameboard. A sand timer is then flipped and everyone has to finish their puzzle before the sand timer expires twice. The sooner you finish, the better pick of gems you get from the game board.

Once all the puzzle boards are used, everyone scores their gems to determine who won. We had a fun time playing this game and the puzzles were sometimes really difficult. If one of us was struggling, and the other two had solved their puzzle, we would often try to quickly help whoever was behind to finish their puzzle. The entire game didn’t last more the 20-30 minutes and was a fun way to spend part of the evening. There are two sides to the boards that each have different difficulties to them, so you can ramp up the difficulty if you really want to challenge your brain.

Overall, a really fun game and glad we tried it out.

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