The first snow of 2020

Sure enough, 2020 is being itself again. We’re getting record setting snow on October 20th here in Minnesota. It’s amazing and wild to see 6 inches of wet fluffy flakes while there are still some leaves on the trees. In fact, it was that dichotomy that got me to grab my camera and take some shots this afternoon. Managed to get some beautiful shots of the leaves, and then the birds digging through the feeder.


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The first flakes

I decided I wanted to go for a bit of a longer walk for coffee the other day, and so I set out early, wearing my puffy jacket for the first time this fall. The air was crisp and cool, and the sky to the west looked somewhat foreboding. I wasn’t too concerned and proceeded on my way.

I made it to the coffee shop and ordered my drink and started my walk back, when I was suddenly struck in the side of the face by something wet. I looked around to make sure there wasn’t a cheeky bird flying overhead and was greeted with another drop of wetness on my nose. Within moments the sky opened up and white flakes started descending upon me.

The air was certainly cold enough, but I wasn’t quite expecting to see this quite yet. I know many people who dread the idea of the first snowfall of the year, but I look forward to it. In particular, if we’re turning the corner into deeply frigid temperatures, I’d rather we cover the ground with snow as well. Without snow it’s just drab and cold. I’d much rather have a coating of white, and the ability to play in the snow.

As I walked, the small blizzard picked up its intensity, ever so slightly. Because it wasn’t quite winter yet, the flakes became more akin to sleet, but it still looked enough like snow for me. I stopped at a park shelter to take a quick video, and savor in a peaceful moment (except for the construction trucks backing up a block away).

Today marks the first flakes of the end of 2020. I was glad I was able to experience them first hand.

Missing snow

So far this winter, the Twin Cities are down 18 inches of snow that we should have gotten. It’s made for a very dry year so far, and it’s probably going to have big consequences later in the year. Thankfully, today we’re getting a bit more of the white stuff, although only a couple inches. At least it’s something to cover up all the gross dirty stuff that’s half melted.

I got this shot when walking in the skyway in downtown Minneapolis. I love turning snow pics like this into B&W. It tends to evoke a much stronger emotional response when you see a cold winter day with snow falling, and it’s just dark vs light.


Gentle snow over downtown

After a few days of really heavy posts, I’m going to keep it light today. I had a meeting on a higher level floor in downtown Saint Paul, and it happened to be gently snowing. Instead of a picture I decided to take a nice little video of the snow falling over the new Treasure Island Center (formerly Macys). A gentle reminder today about how even a bustling downtown can be beautiful in the right conditions.

A beautiful snowy evening

Friday night I was out late marking the trail with friends, for a fun run on Saturday. As we finished up the evening we headed to 10K Brewing in Anoka, and on our way it started to snow. We had a couple beers and then I called it a night. As I left I looked at the beautiful snowfall, and the quiet, peaceful, serene, evening and snapped the pic below. There’s nothing like a cold snowy night in Minnesota.