Blowing electric snow

For years I’ve had a big, heavy, gas powered, 2-stage snowblower. It’s a beast of a machine, and I really don’t like it that much. Every year when I go to start it the first time it takes forever. I do all the stuff I’m supposed to at the end of the season, like use up the gas or put Stabil into the tank, etc,. But it just doesn’t make a difference. I have to spend 10-15 minutes every winter with the electric starter getting it to fire the first time (and yes, the spark plug seemed fine too).

It’s also overkill for how I usually snow blow. VERY rarely do I wait until a storm is completely over before I head out to clear the driveway. Often we might need to get the cars out mid-snow, or I just feel like being outside while it’s snowing. Usually, in a snow event, I’m out there 2-3 times before it’s done. I can could on one hand the number of times I’ve had to snow blow a MASSIVE amount of snow. Normally, it’s 6-7 inches or less at a time.

I’m tired of smelling like gas, and I’m tired of dealing with a big giant device, so I decided to go electric. When I first mentioned going to an electric snow blower to friends, they were shocked that devices like that even existed. However, battery tech has come such a long way in the past 5 years, you can get tremendous torque and longevity out of electric outdoor equipment now. That just left a decision on what brand.

Although you can get some two-stage blowers that are fully electric, I opted to back down to a 1-stage. I wanted something that wasn’t so huge and heavy (plus didn’t cost $1300). After pinging some folks on social media for opinions, I opt’d for the EGO SNT2102 single stage snow blower. The price was in my budget, and they have a long history of really good battery tech. In particular, this model is powered by two 56V, 5.0 Ah batteries. Way more than I should ever need for my driveway.

This isn’t really a review yet, because I haven’t had a chance to really put it through it’s paces, but from the short test that I did, I was super pleased, and impressed. Especially with how light the blower was. I could toss it around without any issue. It also comes with some LED headlights for night time work, and a variable speed control on the auger. The batteries are huge and heavy, but they didn’t contribute to overall weight that much.

For now though I’m waiting on a good snow to try it with. Unfortunately, the weather is looking pretty dismal for snow in the near future. It’s only November though, and I’m sure I’ll have a good change to put it through its paces and post a decent review before too long. I’m really excited to give this a try, and I’m hopeful it’s exactly what I’m looking for.


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