March snow

Here in Minnesota it’s typical to get wet spring snow in March, and sometimes even in April. This year has been tremendously dry, so we’ve been looking forward to anything that might help with that as Spring dawns. Last night we finally got a bit of moisture, and although southern Minnesota got much more, we got a solid coating around the metro.

Today’s I’m sharing a pic I snapped to show the beauty of a nice March snowfall. Also, I did all of my post-processing on this image in Lightroom Mobile on my phone. I have to say, I’m impressed and I can see using this tool a lot when working with iPhone photos. As a point of comparison, I’ve included the before picture below the processed one.


Before processing….

IMG_3310 (1)


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One thought on “March snow

  1. Very nice. I’ve basically been using Lightroom mobile to get my iPhone photos into my lightroom library, but you just showed me that I’m horribly under-utilizing this tool.

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