After the big snow

When the snow finally stopped, there was 9 inches of fresh powder on the ground. Despite the headache and hassle of trying to get around in it, a blanket of snow is very beautiful. The day after the blizzard the weather turned sunny, and since we’re already in February, with the sun higher in the sky, there was a steady melt all day. Everything was shining and glimmering in the sunlight off of the crystallized layer of white.

Sunny days after a snowstorm are one of my favorite times to look at the world outside. The sun makes all the struggle and cold of the previous days, seem not so bad. There’s a contrast in looking at the land, covered in frozen water, but at the same time feeling the warmth of the sun on your cheeks. It’s as if there’s a war between the sun and the snow, and humans are caught in the middle, experiencing both.

It seems rarer and rarer for Minnesota to get large blizzards like this anymore. Climate change has altered our winters, and the 20+ inch snowfalls of my youth are a distant memory. Minnesotans seem to have remembered how to behave in a blizzard, and for the most part life was back to normal the next morning.

For a few brief moments though, the sun and the snow made the world seem a bit more magical. A bit more like the winters of storybooks, and exaggerated memories. Life returns to normal, the snow a simple meteorological nuisance in the middle of an otherwise normal week.

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