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Apple’s Education Event

Yesterday I took the time to watch the live blog of Apple’s “Field Trip” education event. Apple in education has been something that has been near and dear to me since my childhood. The very first computers I worked with were Apple IIe computers in our computer lab. I was even lucky enough to have […]

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More iMac woes

On Friday night I got a call that the Apple store wasn’t able to confirm that my video card was dying and so they suggested that I wipe the drive and start over. I was incredibly frustrated with this because I know this isn’t an issue with the operating system. I get weird graphical artifacts […]

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2016 12″ MacBook

I’ve spent the past week with my new MacBook, and I’ve had enough time to form a solid opinion. First though, I should go over the reasons that I chose this model over others. There were a few criteria that I was looking for in a replacement for my Chromebook. First, I wanted something in […]

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Upgrading the iMac with SSD

I own a 2011 era iMac, and for the most part it has served me very well for the past 5 years. However, technology has marched on, and over time my trusty iMac has gotten slower and slower. I considered simply getting a newer machine, but when I started comparing specs I realized that my […]

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