More iMac woes

On Friday night I got a call that the Apple store wasn’t able to confirm that my video card was dying and so they suggested that I wipe the drive and start over. I was incredibly frustrated with this because I know this isn’t an issue with the operating system. I get weird graphical artifacts in both Windows and Mac on this same machine, but they wouldn’t believe me. So I brought the device home and began the tedious process of starting over.

Because this is a machine from 2011 that meant starting over with OS X Lion. Then I was able to move up partway to El Capitan before finally getting to install High Sierra. After hours of installs I started to use the machine again, and sure enough, the problem was still there. Weird graphic artifacts all over my screen. It seems to be worse when the computer is cold, but then when I push it graphically it starts to appear again. I logged on to Apple’s support chat and sure enough the only thing they could do for me was to recommend that I bring it back in to the store. So back I go on Tuesday.

Since I was re-installing everything I happened to come across a nice old B&W photo I took back 10 years ago at a park near my house. Figured I’d share it so that this post isn’t all just complaining.



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