Big Bog and a GoPro

This past weekend we visited the Big Bog State Recreation Area within the Red Lake Peatland Scientific Natural Area in far northern Minnesota. This is the largest bog in the lower 48 at over 500 square miles and it includes a 1 mile boardwalk that you can traverse to bring you right out into the heart of the bog.

Even though we were there before anything was blooming for the season, it was still a breathtaking site to see. I’ve got some albums from our trip that I’ll post later this week, but this post is about some GoPro experimentation I did.

For my first video I perched my GoPro on a Joby tripod on my shoulder and walked the length of the boardwalk. This resulted in 18 minutes of footage, that unfortunately wasn’t able to be smoothed out the way I wanted it to be. Lesson learned, holding the GoPro in front of me, or using a ‘chesty’ would have given a lot better footage. I still put it together into a full length YouTube that you can enjoy below. I tried speeding it up, but it just accentuated the bouncing even more.

For the walk back, I used the GoPro TimeWarp mode. For this journey I held the camera in front of me (on the Joby) and ran back. I was wearing sandals and jeans so I wasn’t going very fast, but it made for some interesting footage. In fact I ended up slowing the footage down a full 50%. I do wish I had gone with a bit higher resolution, but if you want the full 4K glory, that’s the one above. This one is only a couple minutes long, so if you want to see the boardwalk (in reverse) and only have a couple minutes, check this one out.

More photos coming later from here, the Lost 40, and Zippel Bay State Park. Stay tuned!


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