Big Bog and a GoPro

This past weekend we visited the Big Bog State Recreation Area within the Red Lake Peatland Scientific Natural Area in far northern Minnesota. This is the largest bog in the lower 48 at over 500 square miles and it includes a 1 mile boardwalk that you can traverse to bring you right out into the […]

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Finding Balance 2020, General

Interviewing Wes Allen

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m doing some more experimenting with content creation in the audio/visual realm. I’m doing some interviews in the coming weeks with some folks, and I wanted to test out my setup with recording the call and then post-production. My friend Wes was kind enough to be my guinea […]

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General, Write-a-palooza 2017

Gentle snow over downtown

After a few days of really heavy posts, I’m going to keep it light today. I had a meeting on a higher level floor in downtown Saint Paul, and it happened to be gently snowing. Instead of a picture I decided to take a nice little video of the snow falling over the new Treasure […]

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