Solving the goggle issue

A few weeks ago I hit up my social media folks to ask for recommendation on biking goggles for cold weather. I had a pair of Smith ski goggles that didn’t fit my face well at all, and ended up being rather uncomfortable and unwieldy. I have a rather high bridge to my nose and so the Smith goggles would sit WAY up high on my face and interfere with my helmet.

I took a bunch of suggestions and bought a few different styles of eye protection, from safety goggles to motorcycle style goggles. Some of them weren’t bad, but they still didn’t fit well with my Giro Timberwolf helmet and 45NRTH Baklava (yes, that’s what they call their balaclava…). On days when it’s not too cold I just use some riding glasses, but sometimes the wind is too high for open sides and I need more protection.

A friend of mine suggested a Giro branded goggle, but also suggested that I bring my helmet with me to the store. I had the afternoon off today so I hit a local sporting good store that had a huge selection of ski goggles and went about trying some on. That’s when I came to the realization that I didn’t need a goggle that was shorter, but a goggle that had a wider nose bridge. Enter the Giro Boreal, a reasonably priced goggle with a nice wide nose bridge that fit wonderfully under my Timberwolf helmet. Unfortunately it looks like they’re not listing it on their website anymore, but I would assume the Cruz or Roam would be good comparables.

Below are a couple of pics that show the difference between the two goggles and you can see how the Boreal fits my face a million times better. Time for more cold weather biking!


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