Gear Review: Giro Timberwolf

A few of my friends have asked me about my winter biking helmet, and so I thought I’d take a moment to do a really quick review of a piece of gear that has become one of the most essential pieces of my winter kit. I can’t take credit for discovering this helmet, as I was clued in to it by my buddy Christopher T., who has used it in many winter ultras. However, it’s a pretty common find in bike shops when looking for cold weather gear.

What is it?

The Giro Timberwolf is a cold weather biking helmet that is designed to be warm yet functional in extreme temps. It has insulated ear flaps that work great to keep out wind, but they’re also partially made of mesh and allow in plenty of sound (always keep up your situational awareness). They’re soft and warm, and I’ve never had any issues with the side of my head getting cold. The fleece liner is comfortable and warm, and because it is a full coverage helmet you feel really protected from the elements.

However, many times when you’re working hard you start working up a sweat. Since heat rises, the Timberwolf allows you to open a vent on the top of the helmet that lets the warm air from your head escape. It’s a simple sliding mechanism, and very easy to adjust on the fly while riding.

Comparison of the vents open and closed

Finally, there’s an attached hook on the back for securing your goggles. Having your goggles hooked to your helmet is great for those moments when you stop biking, lift the goggles to look around or have a conversation, and then start riding again. At worst, your goggles end up flopping on the back of the helmet, but they won’t get left behind in a snowbank.

What do I like?

Honestly, I love everything about this helmet. This is my second season riding with it and it’s perfect for the riding I do. It fits my head great, and lives up to everything that it claims about being warm and comfortable. It has a dial for securing the fit, and once it’s locked in I haven’t had to touch it. It’s one of the best bike equipment purchases I’ve ever made.

That’s really all there is to it. I love this helmet.

What don’t I like?

If I had to dig deep, and really nitpick one or two tiny things the first would be that it is a heavier helmet. As expected, something this robust isn’t going to be light and breezy. But that’s not what I’m using it for, and I’m already usually riding a fat bike all winter. I’m used to some extra weight.

The only other thing I’d like better is if it came in a reflective green color. Right now it’s only in black and blaze orange. Both are cool, but I’m always about those green’s.


The Timberwolf is a great helmet. It’s what I recommend to everyone who asks what to get, without any hesitation. My only worry is that they may decide to change it or revamp it in coming years. I’m hopeful that whatever Giro comes up with will be just as stellar. For now though, if you can find this helmet, you won’t be disappointed.


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