Gear Review: Giro Timberwolf

A few of my friends have asked me about my winter biking helmet, and so I thought I’d take a moment to do a really quick review of a piece of gear that has become one of the most essential pieces of my winter kit. I can’t take credit for discovering this helmet, as I […]

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Some fat bike adventuring

My wife has a side gig as a section leader in a church choir up in Anoka, and sometimes when she’s doing a solo, I’ll go up there to listen to her. Today I decided to make an adventure out of it by riding my fat bike the ~12 miles to get there. Normally, this […]

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Biking in the cold

My wife had some running miles to get in today, and since I realized I’m closing in on my biking goal, I decided to go out and inch a bit closer to my 650 mile mark. There isn’t any snow on the ground, it was 31 degrees and the sun was out, so it was […]

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