Review: EGO SNT2102 Electric Snowblower

In my previous post about going electric for snowblowing I mentioned that I needed a few snowfalls to really see how it could handle a Minnesota winter. Despite being dry for much of December we did manage a couple solid storms in January. That gave me a great opportunity to put the machine through its […]

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Finding Balance 2020, General

Blowing electric snow

For years I’ve had a big, heavy, gas powered, 2-stage snowblower. It’s a beast of a machine, and I really don’t like it that much. Every year when I go to start it the first time it takes forever. I do all the stuff I’m supposed to at the end of the season, like use […]

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General, Write-a-palooza 2017

Mechanical brain failure

Sometimes it’s fun to share an embarrassing story because it might just save others from the same plight. That’s what today’s blog entry is all about. If you find this information useful, then feel free to thank me (beer is nice). Otherwise, if you already knew this, then feel free to chuckle quietly at yourself as […]

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