Some diet updates

It’s been quite a few months now doing the whole plant-free diet. My weight has stabilized around 152 lbs. which puts me well within the recommended BMI limits. My body is getting used to it’s new normal, and I’ve had to deal with purchasing some different clothes. I was already wearing a belt on all of my pants, and this weight loss pushed me over the edge into needing to size down.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that despite craving things like cheese, if I end up accidentally having some dairy, my gut rebels. The other week I ate out and had what I thought was a simple plant based item, but in retrospect it probably used egg as a binder, and sure enough the next day my gut rebelled. Based on that reaction, I’m curious if it really has always been a dairy issue for me. Maybe someday I’ll try a little bit of meat and see if that causes issues.

For now though, I’m still really enjoying a lot of great plant based meals. Friends have sent me some killer recipes, including one for a “comfort mac” that really hit the spot the other week. I’m also learning what “substitute” products I like, and which ones aren’t worth the effort. Sometimes it’s best to not try to recreate something, and just look for something new and different.

It feels like an adventure, and I’m happy that it’s working out for me. It’s not always easy (especially when traveling), but I can’t argue with the results.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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