Fitness week recap – 10/7/2019

Week Starting 10/7/2019
 15.6 miles
 43.1 miles
Steps: 83,683
 (41.07 miles –  25.47 walking)

Impression: Little bit of a down week this week. We’ve had some crappy weather, but I’ve still tried to get out when I can. A couple notable highlights of the week were my first ever beer mile on Friday night, using hard seltzer. I managed a 13:39 mile with chugging 3 hard seltzers and one mineral water. I got a time penalty in the official results for switching up one of my beverages, but in hindsight, the mineral water was much harder to chug and sat worse in my gut.

I also got the fat bike out for the first time in a while with some friends. We ended up on some singletrack, which is still really new and challenging for me. I need to spend more time working on that type of riding, but lately I’ve been having too much fun on my gravel bike. Despite the challenges it was a fun ride, and we got to help a friend christen his new fat bike.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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