Fitness week recap – 9/2/2019

Week Starting 9/2/2019
 13.7 miles
 34.9 miles
Steps: 113,348
 (56.74 miles –  43.04 walking)

Impression: This week turned out not to be quite what I expected, but overall it was fine. I knew I had a big pacing gig this weekend and so I kept my running and biking mileage low all week. Thursday afternoon we headed up north for the Superior 100. I was supposed to pace a friend overnight on Friday, but they had some serious injury struggles and couldn’t make the cutoff at one of the earlier aid stations. Therefore, I ended up only running when we got home on Sunday afternoon, which was fine.

When I look at my walking numbers though it’s kinda crazy. I had as many steps as most weeks, but it was almost all walking. That’s mostly due to this weekend when I was captaining an aid station for 9 hours. The next day we also went for a hike, and hung out with people all up and down the Superior 100 course. Needless to say I got my time on feet.

This Thursday we head to Tahoe to pace a friend at the Tahoe 200. Because of that, there might not be an update next week. We’ll see what type of signal I end up with.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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