Fitness week recap – 8/26/2019

Week Starting 8/26/2019
 30.6 miles
 70.8 miles
Steps: 113,267
 (57.65 miles –  29.42 walking)

Impression: Due to a crazy work schedule of my youngest kid (working the State Fair) I ended up not getting in nearly as much activity as I would have liked to earlier in the week. I got my first bike ride in on Wednesday with 28 miles of Beer & Bikes riding down to St. Paul.

I then crammed all of my running in to 4 days (Th-Su). I decided to head out to Afton to do a full 25K loop on Saturday because I knew if I stayed local I’d bail early. I needed to get some serious time on feet and Afton (with Mike) is the best way to not wimp out. In fact we actually worked really hard, and I set a new course PR of 3:13, albeit we ran the course backwards. Because of how that changes the different climbs and descents I’ll consider this it’s own PR, but it’s really darn close to my forward-PR of 3:16, so I’m happy.

Sunday was a run with Radek and Lisa to cap out the weekend. However, this was not the end of our adventures. Because my wife recently got a new bike she really wanted to get some time on it over the long holiday weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday runs were followed up with solid bike rides. We did a local loop around to a couple parks on Saturday for a 12 mile ride, and then drove out to St. Joseph, MN to spend 22 miles on the Lake Wobegon Trail (with a stop at a brewery). We’re also planning a gravel ride tomorrow on our day off from running.

Needless to say things get crazy and annoying when schedules are not standard. September is going to be crazy and wild, so it’s going to be a lot more broken up training schedules. However, I’ve got some wild stuff going on in September, and I won’t be taking it easy by any stretch.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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