Fitness week recap – 8/12/2019

Week Starting 8/12/2019
 36.6 miles
 23.4 miles
Steps: 127,019
 (60.14 miles –  23.54 walking)

Impression: Another race week! I got so wrapped up in the return travel that I completely forgot to post my weekly recap. So I’m doing it a couple days late, in lieu of my weekly “review” post.

This Saturday I did the Marquette 50K race, which was a completely different race than the Badger 100K. Whereas Badger was flat and non-technical, Marquette was some of the most technical terrain I’ve run on. There were large swaths of easy running, but when it got rough, it got really rough. I’ll post more in my race report later.

Apart from the race I’ve tried to keep it low key last week, and so I only did a couple of runs and bike rides. The technical terrain at Marquette hit my legs harder than Badger, so I’ve probably got some slower recovery ahead of me before I’m back to 100%. Overall though, I’m feeling good and moving well. So far, the majority of the rest of my year is pacing duties until I get to Tuscobia. That means that training will be more general fitness and not targeted towards anything specific. I might toss in another race, but I haven’t decided yet.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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