Fitness week recap – 8/5/2019

Week Starting 8/5/2019
 12.3 miles
 34.1 miles
Steps: 77,168
 (37.05 miles –  24.75 walking)

Impression: Recovery week! I kept it really low key this week for two reasons. One, I had just run 62 miles. The second reason being that I have another race, the Marquette 50K, next weekend. These two weeks are going to be nice and simple.

I kept away from running until Friday to give my body time to heal. However, even by Tuesday I discovered that I was feeling almost back to normal. If there’s one thing I can take away from this entire training cycle and race, it’s how well I was able to bounce back. I feel like my weekly mileage was really strong, and I kept my pace slow and steady, and didn’t push for speed. That meant my body was able to do incredible things, but at the same time, recover from them much quicker than when I did my 50 mile.

I managed a bit of biking this week as well, including a beautiful epic, nearly 30 mile, ride on the Gateway Trail on Sunday with my wife and friend Abe. I did experience fatigue a bit quicker than I normally would, so it’s obvious that things are still not fully 100%. Plus, we were pushing the pace quite a bit, and that was probably more difficult on my body than it was ready for. It was still a great day on the trail though.

Next week… 50K on the bucket list.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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