Fitness week recap – 7/22/2019

Week Starting 7/22/2019
 24.3 miles
 62.5 miles
Steps: 105,642
 (51.94 miles –  27.64 walking)

Impression: The taper begins for Badger 100K. I kept my running mileage really low this week, and stuck to a proper taper. That means just under 25 miles completed. For my long run on Saturday I hit Afton State Park and got in an AMAZING 10 mile run. At one point I was feeling so good that I dropped everyone in the group and just cruised through the Snowshoe Loop, flowing with the singletrack like it was a ride.

I did up my bike miles a bit this week, including a nice quarter century ride with the wife on the Dakota Rail Trail. We didn’t take it easy on this either, and managed a 14mph speed for the average of the ride. I also managed to get in a solid push at the end, just barely getting a 5 mile segment under 20 minutes. I do think that I’m at the limit of what I (and my bike) can accomplish at this moment. I felt good throughout the ride, but I know that I probably can’t push it much harder than I did.

My hope is to still post this review next week, however I’ll be returning from my race, so there’s a chance it might end up on Monday morning instead.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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