Fitness week recap – 7/15/2019

Week Starting 7/15/2019
 44.3 miles
 22 miles
Steps: 143,483
 (72.56 miles –  28.26 walking)

Impression: This week is peak week before my 100K in two weeks. That meant that I had to put a lot of biking aside, and spend more time on feet. The culmination of the week was when my friend Mike and I hit the Luce Line trail for a long Friday night gravel run. Our original intent had been to do 20 miles on the trail, however, Friday also saw the highest temperatures and humidity of the season. The dew point hit 80 degrees in the afternoon/evening, and despite a quickly dropping temp, the first 4 miles of the run was miserable. We kept carrying on and I decided to cut the run at 15 miles. By that point, the toll from the earlier heat, and the oppressive bugs made me decide that it was enough.

Mike suggested a 5 mile run in the morning to round it out, and after sleeping about 6 hours I decided to go ahead and follow his advice. I then wrapped up the weekend with a 10 mile run this morning. It’s certainly not my highest weekly mileage ever, but it’s up there. I’m ready for a couple weeks of tapering before the big race. I’ll probably focus a bit more on biking the next 14 days as a way to keep cardio going, but keep pressure off my feet.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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