Makers do cool things

My step-son is graduating soon as a CNC Machinist. One of the things he really enjoys about machining is creating things. Last night he gifted my wife and I with a really cool little gadget that he made. This is one of those key ring separators that most of us use to warm up our car in the winter time and still be able to lock our front door. He engraved it with his school logo, his name, and dates of his schooling.

The thing that impressed me the most is how small and intricate all these cuts are. It was so small I even had some issues getting a clear picture of it. In my head I know this type of precision is possible, I use technology every day. It’s just wild to see it being done by my step-son with just a couple years of training, and amazing machining tools.



Beer, running, and geeky things.

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