Finally some pro soccer

Sunday night the Minnesota United FC got their second home victory, under a beautiful evening sunset. The weather was perfect for a Sunday evening game with temps in the mid-60s. I went back and forth between wearing my sweatshirt and taking it off, opting finally for going with just a t-shirt at the end of the game.

We had a wonderful game with solid defense and a beautiful goal in the second half. We managed to make it out of the first half with no points scored against us, which I believe is the first time this season. We controlled the ball well, and new players like Sam Cronin, pulled our lines together and kept Colorado from getting too close too often. Cronin in particular was fun to watch, as he’s tremendously aggressive and has a bit of an enforcer personality.

Colorado wasn’t playing their best game, but despite that I felt like we really showed that we can compete in this league. We put together a solid 90 minutes of soccer and looked like a pro team again. Considering what we went through the past few games, I would have even been happy with a 0-0 draw. However, a 1-0 win was music to the crowd’s ears. Well… that plus Wonderwall playing at the final whistle; a new tradition whenever we win a home game.

I’m glad we finally pulled things together, and can’t wait to see us develop even more as the season progresses.


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