A bed on wheels!

Ever since the wife and I did some camping last summer, we’ve commented about wanting something easier to set up than a tent. We have no interest in a large RV though, and just want what amounts to a bed on wheels. Saturday, we picked up the newest addition to our family, a Coachman Clipper 9.0 camping trailer.

We purchased this from Elk River RV, which is one of the few places around town that actually sells smaller trailers. They worked with us to get the deal finalized and even helped with getting it hooked up to my car properly. I drove it home on Saturday (my first time driving with a trailer), and backed it into the driveway on the first try.

One of the reasons we picked this model is because it’s quick to set up, but it still has a spot where you can stand at the end of the bed and change clothes or take off your shoes. One of the more annoying things about a tent is removing your shoes as you crawl inside, trying not to get the sleeping area dirty. This model solves that by popping up on one side to full height.

The bed is just a little smaller than a queen, which is more than enough for some cozy camping. I can’t wait to get this thing out to some of the State Parks this summer, and on some of our running trips. I anticipate we’re going to use this a lot!


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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