Some trivial fun

Most Wednesday nights will find me at a local taproom as part of my local Beer and Bikes group. However, in the winter time we put the bikes away but still occasionally meet up at various breweries. This past week we hit up 10K Brewing in Anoka, and it happened to be Trivia Mafia night. Our little team of 5 people set to work trying to come to consensus on tricky questions, while enjoying some tasty brews.

We’ve encountered trivia from time to time, and occasionally we’ve done OK. At the half-way mark we were behind first place by one-half of a point. As we moved through the questions of the evening we thought we were doing pretty good, but we knew there were some answers that we just had no clue. Plus, when you have 5 smart people trying to agree on the meaning of a question, you sometimes come up with different answers.

Eventually we reached the end and turned in our sheet. We didn’t really think much of it as we wrapped up our evening of visiting. We got our sheet back and saw our score, assuming that we maybe hung on to second place. As the announcer listed off the score of the second place team we suddenly realized that our score was one-half of a point ABOVE that score. That means that we won the evening!

It was a great way to wrap up a Wednesday night, and I’m sure we’ll all be back to 10K soon… since our prize was a gift card to 10K!




Beer, running, and geeky things.

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