Catit Flower Fountain

For those of you who are not pet owners, this post will probably be silly and boring, but for those of us with a couple of feline companions, I want to share our experience with a cat water fountain we’ve been using for a month or so. It’s called the Catit Flower Fountain, and it is an electronic, filtered, water fountain designed for cats.

Just like humans, it’s important for cats to get enough water. Cats also don’t care for water that’s been sitting in a dish all day getting stale, much like humans as well. If you’ve ever experienced your cat jumping up onto the bathroom sink to drink water from the faucet when you turn it on you know know true this is. The Catit Flower Fountain helps with this by continually running  water through a small pump on the inside, which also has a simple filter to keep the water clean. You can add and remove parts from the flower to give a different level and type of flow until you find one that works for you and your cat.

img_0422We’ve been using this for a month or so and we’ve noticed a marked difference. In particular, we’ve found that our cats don’t touch their secondary water dishes nearly as much anymore. They spend their nights in the basement, and previously, those water dishes would often be dry in the morning. Ever since we started having the Catit available they’ve stopped needing to drain those dishes dry. We’ve also seen a marked decrease in their desire to drink from the bathroom sink or tub, which used to be a daily occurrence.

The Catit is relatively quiet, but if you don’t have the pump seated firmly you may get some undesirable buzzing. It took a little bit of fiddling for us to get ours to be as quiet as we wanted. We also experimented with the different flower attachments, and found that taking out the center flower piece worked best for getting the cats some pooled water in addition to the flowing. Every cat is different, but the ability to adjust the product makes it very flexible.

Needless to say we’ve been very happy with the fountain. It’s given our cats a lot fresher water than we could provide on our own, and it’s helped keep them hydrated and healthy. I’d highly recommend it for other cats, and encourage you to check out their self feeder as well if you have a cat that maybe eats their food too quickly.



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One thought on “Catit Flower Fountain

  1. I absolutely love this fountain! It’s super easy to clean I clean it every two or three days just because I’m home and I have the time but it keeps the water so clean I could easily go a week without cleaning it. It keeps the water sparkling fresh my cats I love it! I looked into a lot of cat fountains read tons of reviews and decided this one was the one for me I bought six extra filters on Amazon but so far because I clean it so frequently I haven’t had to change it yet and I’ve had it for a month .

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