Starting on Supergirl

In the Arrowverse timeline that I found at IMDB, we’re at the point in progression where we watch most of Supergirl in a row. So last night the wife and I started up the first two episodes.

I had heard nothing but really good things about this series and so I was excited to see it. From the first couple episodes I can tell it should be a fun ride, but I don’t know that I would call it amazing quite yet. It’s got a lot of character in how it’s presenting the struggle of Kara to not only figure out how to be super, but also to live in the shadow of her older (younger?) cousin. I actually enjoy the fact that she makes some incredibly dumb mistakes at the beginning to show that you need more than just super strength to be a hero. I think we take it for granted that many of our superheroes are actually rather good at math and physics.

Part of me wishes this was a part of the same Earth as Flash and Arrow, but I can see why it can’t be. The inclusion of aliens into the Arrow world is a pretty big change, and just plopping Superman and Supergirl into that mix would make everything Arrow has built more complex. I know there are crossovers that happened this year, and the notion of aliens were introduced, but as an overarching part of the universe I think I can handle them being separate for the time being.

We’re scheduled to watch up until the first crossover with Flash and then it’s back into a rotation with the other shows. I’m actually looking the most forward to getting back to Legends of Tomorrow and seeing how that show develops.


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