Sick of sick

Towards the end of last week I popped a fever overnight. Thankfully, I was working from home the next day and managed to get through my day fine. By evening I was feeling OK and went about my life. The next day I woke up a little sweaty, but didn’t feel too out of sorts, so once again I went about my day, though by afternoon I was feeling pretty trashed.

Now, once again, I’m awake long before I should be with a 100 degree temp and feeling incredibly frustrated. I’m going to mostly likely need to cancel my plans for the day because it’s obvious that I’m not healing right. I might need to talk to a nurse and see if I need to get some antibiotics, or just wait it out. And, most of all, I need to hold off from running.

It’s that last one that really peeves me off. I wanted to start this year strong and get back into my game. Now, I’m stuck lounging on the couch, feeling jealous of my friends out there in the beautiful winter weather. I’m looking at my training plan and saying to myself, “Not again! I can’t get behind again!”. Yet, I’m in no condition to knock out even a simple 3 miler.

So, I’m angry. I’m ready to get moving with my new year, and I’m held back by some stupid virus or bacteria. There’s nothing worse in life than when the mind is ready to go, anxious to go even, yet the body just isn’t cooperating. On the bright side, at least I’ve lost a little bit of weight, so there’s some progress there.

At least my cats are entertaining. To end this rant on a higher note, here’s a pic of one of them who likes to chase things around on the TV screen. I was watching a “Let’s Play” video and she decided that she wanted to join in.


Some evening Mimi

The world is crazy right now with an insane dictator in the White House and isolationist agendas destroying the world we know. I know that I’m on the right side of history, but when the news is constantly bad it gets depressing. Therefore, it’s time for some Mimi. She’s a beautiful old girl, and loves to sit on laps. A joy in these moments.

Growing out of kittenhood

img_0411Our cat Jaina is only a couple years old, and still very much like a kitten in many ways. She’s rambunctious and still likes to play fetch, and she also doesn’t nap nearly as much as our older cat. However, she’s recently shown signs of becoming a bit more relaxed about things. In particular she’s never really liked to be held or lay in your lap. She’d sometimes lay next to you, but that was about it.

Then a few weeks ago she started getting nosy while I was working at home. She was walking all over my desk, and so I picked her up, leaned back in my chair, and put her on my chest to give her some cute chastising. She took a look at me, decided she had the upper hand, and proceeded to lie down on my chest while one of my arms held her in place.

img_0440Ever since that time though, she’s been more amicable to being on someone. In fact it’s gotten to the point where if I’m sitting in my office, or in the kitchen, working she wants to be on my lap. It doesn’t seem to matter to her that in the kitchen I’m often sitting on a bar stool, and it’s incredibly awkward to make a lap big enough for her to enjoy. Yet, she somehow makes it all happen. Strangely, she won’t sit on our laps on the couch, but will instead sit next to us.

She’s a strange cat indeed, but she’s a great cuddler when she’s in the mood. IMG_0432.JPG

Catit Flower Fountain

For those of you who are not pet owners, this post will probably be silly and boring, but for those of us with a couple of feline companions, I want to share our experience with a cat water fountain we’ve been using for a month or so. It’s called the Catit Flower Fountain, and it is an electronic, filtered, water fountain designed for cats.

Just like humans, it’s important for cats to get enough water. Cats also don’t care for water that’s been sitting in a dish all day getting stale, much like humans as well. If you’ve ever experienced your cat jumping up onto the bathroom sink to drink water from the faucet when you turn it on you know know true this is. The Catit Flower Fountain helps with this by continually running  water through a small pump on the inside, which also has a simple filter to keep the water clean. You can add and remove parts from the flower to give a different level and type of flow until you find one that works for you and your cat.

img_0422We’ve been using this for a month or so and we’ve noticed a marked difference. In particular, we’ve found that our cats don’t touch their secondary water dishes nearly as much anymore. They spend their nights in the basement, and previously, those water dishes would often be dry in the morning. Ever since we started having the Catit available they’ve stopped needing to drain those dishes dry. We’ve also seen a marked decrease in their desire to drink from the bathroom sink or tub, which used to be a daily occurrence.

The Catit is relatively quiet, but if you don’t have the pump seated firmly you may get some undesirable buzzing. It took a little bit of fiddling for us to get ours to be as quiet as we wanted. We also experimented with the different flower attachments, and found that taking out the center flower piece worked best for getting the cats some pooled water in addition to the flowing. Every cat is different, but the ability to adjust the product makes it very flexible.

Needless to say we’ve been very happy with the fountain. It’s given our cats a lot fresher water than we could provide on our own, and it’s helped keep them hydrated and healthy. I’d highly recommend it for other cats, and encourage you to check out their self feeder as well if you have a cat that maybe eats their food too quickly.


Belgian Cats

If you’ve been anywhere near the Internet today you’ve probably seen how Belgians are dealing with the Brussels lockdown. They’ve been told to stay home and that they shouldn’t tweet any pictures of any of the activity they may see, as to not tip off the terrorists that authorities are chasing.

In response people have been posting tons of cat pictures to Twitter as a way to brighten their mood as the lockdown entered its third day. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a cat pic to my blog, so today I’m going to put up a picture of our youngest cat to hopefully brighten your day as well. DSC01254.jpg