Crappy Winter

This winter started out so great. It was warm all the way through November, and then we descended into a harsh cooldown in December. We managed a nice big snowstorm that ensured we had a beautiful white Christmas.

Then everything went to crap. We’ve had TWO different weekends of rain. Because it’s winter that meant the temps hovered around 32 degrees during the day and overnight everything turned to ice. Crappy, stupid ice.

I attempted to go for a run this afternoon after work. On the drive home the freeways were nice and dry. However, all the side streets in the neighborhood were complete garbage. I was supposed to run 7 today, but decided to attempt 3. I managed 2.1 miles before calling it quits. I couldn’t do more than a shuffle on half the roads because of the ice.

I’ve managed to get over snow and cold, mostly because I learned last year how to have fun outside in the winter. I actually really like running in the cold, since in many ways it’s more comfortable than running in heat. But ice? No thank you. It means that not only is it cold and hard to drive around, but you can’t run, ski, or anything else fun.

My wife lived in Ohio for many years and said ice is what they used to get around there. She hated ice in Ohio, and she hates it here. You just can’t enjoy being outside when you’re slipping all around.

Come quickly snowstorm! You’re our only hope!!


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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