Really Quick Review: Batman: The Killing Joke

Friday night we rented Batman: The Killing Joke. I’ve always liked the classic Batman the Animated Series, and this was a full length movie in the same style, including Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy. The story follows the original graphic novel about Batman confronting the Joker and his insanity.

Overall, it was a fun movie, and followed the book pretty closely. The ending wasn’t quite as ambiguous in my mind, which kinda detracted from the original point of the book, but it was still enjoyable. The voice acting was top notch as always; it’s always wonderful to hear Hamill as the Joker.

The cartoon is mature and deals with mature themes, so it’s not meant for kids. The overarching theme that anyone can have that one bad day, and go insane, isn’t a happy go-lucky cartoon narrative, but it is compelling and makes for an interesting story. Don’t have much else to say about the film, but if you’re a fan of the comic, I’m sure you’d enjoy this interpretation.


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