Fall race training

Now that my body has finally healed up from all the abuse from earlier this year, it’s time to destroy it again with training for fall races! Earlier this week I mapped out my plan for the fall, and then put together my training plan, focused on one big race to finish out the season.

Here’s my current schedule for the fall:

  • William O’Brien 10 mile
  • Goosebumps 24 hour run
  • Big Woods half
  • Harder Than He!! half
  • Surf the Murph 50K

I decided to make Surf 50K my big fall race again this year because it’s a course that I’m familiar with, and it fits into the schedule really well. I would have liked to consider something like the North Face races, but with all the other travel races, I felt it would be better to stick closer to home for one. Plus, this way I can try and beat my time from last year.

I’ve got the training plan all mapped out, culminating at Surf. If everything goes to plan I should also beat my total yearly mileage from last year with ease. After Surf I still have a small 10K and an 8 hour run that I want to do. I know that once November hits it gets harder and harder to stick with a plan. Every year the start of winter knocks me off the wagon, so once again this year I’m going to try and go into some type of maintenance mode to keep things moving.

Fall race season is here, and it’s time to have some fun!


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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