Bachelor Report

My wife returns on Thursday from her 5 week clinical assignment out of town, which means my days of being a wild and crazy bachelor are at an end. I thought it would be fun to recount what I’ve done in these past weeks, since I started it out with a musing on what I might want to do.


Over the past five weeks I’ve actually accomplished a lot when it comes to TV. As it turns out my step-son (and sometimes my youngest) also have enjoyed hanging out in the living room while I watch various shows. Most of my evenings have consisted of watching two long form shows, and one half hour cartoon.

I’ve made it through season 3 of The Walking Dead. It’s a really amazing show, but man I need a mental break in between seasons. It’s so intense that you just need to step away sometimes. Part way through this season I just wanted to strangle Rick. This is always the first show of the evening that I watch, so that I can come down from it before bed.

Next up most nights was Arrow. We’ve completed season 1, and are a couple of episodes into season 2. I really like how the show has developed from somewhat mediocre beginnings. Some of the twists have been fun, and I’m less annoyed by the actor who plays Oliver Queen then I was when I started out. This one might continue to be a regular watch, as well as picking up The Flash, which I’ve heard lots of good things about.

Finally, we’ve worked our way through almost all of Star Wars Rebels. We’ve really enjoyed this show, and I’m sad that we only have a few episodes left before we’re caught up. The storytelling has been a lot of fun, and getting to see the formation of the Rebellion has been great. I’m a little leary with their hints at certain characters going to the Dark Side, and as with any Star Wars prequel you need to ask what happened to these characters in the subsequent years.

I’ve also kept up with my Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series as it winds up this season. Though, I usually end up watching that one alone.

Video Games

I picked up the Pokemon series and have been really enjoying myself as I worked my way through Alpha Sapphire first, and then the virtual console version of Blue. I have a collector type personality, so it’s been a lot of fun to learn about all the different types there are to gather up in the various games.

It’s also had the side effect of giving my youngest and I something to bond over. He’s a big Pokemon fan, and so we’ll spend a lot of time talking about where I’m in the game and which Pokemon I’ve trained up, and their various moves. That aspect alone makes me want to keep playing and sharing that experience with him.

I’ve also done a little bit of Hearthstone and Starcraft II, but most of my video game time has been with the 2DS in front of the TV. Oh, I’ve also played a bunch of Two Dots on my phone…


This area has been a complete failure. I’ve managed to catch up on my comic book series, but an actual novel hasn’t happened. I do want to read the new Star Wars book that came out, which follows Leia during the struggles of the New Republic. I just haven’t had the time or motivation to devote to reading though.

So that’s been my 5 weeks of filling my time with various things. It’s actually been a lot of fun, and I’ve enjoyed the routine I’ve developed. I’m going to keep doing some of these things even when my wife returns, especially since I have many more generations of Pokemon games to get through!


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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