April running update

April is coming to a close, and on Saturday I’ll be doing yet another 10K race as part of the Upper Midwest Trail series. I’ve been looking over my stats for the first part of the year, and I’m already blowing away anything I’ve done in years past.

I just surpassed 600 miles for the year, which puts me almost 300 miles above where I’ve been in previous years. Much of this was due to needing to train for a 50 miler over the winter, but I’m pleased nonetheless. The big key will be continuing to keep my training up for the rest of the races that I have scheduled this year.

The graph below is from a really cool data site that hooks into Strava called Veloviewer. It’s really awesome to see this graph change year over year, and to visually see how much progress I’ve been making. I know I haven’t been nearly as fast as in the past, but I’m able to put down much higher miles this way, and so far I am mostly injury free (only one minor ankle sprain).

My body certainly feels the change, and I’m looking forward to toning down the mileage a slight bit after my next 50K. The fall races will be coming up quickly so I need to make sure I keep my fitness level up. Thankfully, the biking season has arrived, giving me some other opportunities to get out there and be active.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.58.57 PM.png


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