Beer and Bikes in Spring

Normally when the weather gets nice I ride with the Beer and Bikes group on Wednesday nights to various taprooms. This week it was pouring rain, and despite three of the members deciding to brave the rain, I opted for getting rained on tomorrow morning during my run instead. I drove down and met folks, and because of a scheduling issue with a private party at the taproom we intended to go to, we ended up at one of my regular haunts, Northgate Brewing.

The guys who run Northgate love soccer, and they love board games, which means they have a nice bookshelf with games on it for people to borrow. I got to introduce the gang to Citadels, a game that I’ve played many years ago, and it was a ton of fun. Once people got the hang of the strategy of the game it got to be pretty intense. My friend Michael ended up winning, but it was a hard fought victory. The whole experience made for a really fun night with friends, with lots of laughter and frivolity.



Beer, running, and geeky things.

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