Rainy Spring

Despite a warm spell in mid April, Spring has arrived in Minnesota. The past weekend has been grey and rainy, and the rest of this week promises more of the same. I’m kinda glad that we didn’t go right into Summer prematurely, as Spring can be a very beautiful time of the year around here.

This past weekend, while running in Mankato (60 miles south) the buds on all the trees were exploding, and there were many flowering plants in full bloom. With all of the rain this week I’m expecting that our area will start to look pretty green as well in a few days.

The one downside to Spring and all the rain is the constant grey skies. I know that it affects mood, and I can tell I’m not as chipper as normal. I guess this type of weather makes for good TV watching while eating grilled cheese (dinner on Tuesday night). I’m catching up on shows, and continuing to advance in Pokemon (we’ve already made it to season 2 of Star Wars Rebels, and we’re enjoying it quite a lot).

Time to finish getting through the week of rain so that we can enjoy the full bloom of Spring when it arrives.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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