Quick Review: Spectre

Tonight the wife and I finally got to watch the most recent James Bond film. If this is indeed Daniel Craig’s final Bond film, he went out with a good flick as his last. As expected this is a traditional Bond film, with all the trappings of sex, guns, and chases, but with some added depth around Bond’s story and character. This film aims to tie together the Daniel Craig era as James Bond, and frankly does it quite nicely.

I will keep this spoiler-free, but a couple of short (perhaps tongue-in-cheek) comments. First, my one disappointment with this film is that there weren’t enough “chases”. Quantum of Solace set the bar high with repeated chase scenes on many different vehicles.

Second, despite being a Bond film, the main secret of the film seemed to resolve itself rather quickly. I get that this is a movie about amazing action sequences, but at a certain point, a little bit of a nod towards the audience’s intelligence would be nice.

Finally, Bond’s sex scenes were far to tame in this film. There was a complete lack of skin, both on his lovely ladies parts, and Bond himself never even took off his shirt once (that I recall). Which was rather odd, because the intro sequence involved a couple of scenes of people stroking his well built pecs.

Now all the speculation goes towards who will play the next Bond. I for one wouldn’t mind someone like Idris Elba, but I know he’s a long shot. Guess my wife and I will have to watch other movies now until the next one comes out… sigh… 😉


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