Hopefully the last cold snap

It’s early in the morning and I’m getting ready for my 24 mile run. The air temp is currently -8. Thankfully the winds are calm, so the wind chill isn’t as much of a factor. This is the kind of day that drives most people to a treadmill, or track, indoors. Unfortunately, 24 miles is just too far for indoor options for me. Even on larger tracks like the Plymouth Fieldhouse, I’d be worried about injury from repeatedly turning around the same corners over 100 times.

So it’s into the great outdoors for what will hopefully be our last big cold snap of the winter. All the forecasts are predicting a nice warm-up in the coming days. We’re at the point in winter where the harsh cold can’t stick around for very long.

Thankfully, I won’t be alone for this run today. A few of my running friends will be joining me, including another gentleman that needs to get in 24 miles today as well. We’re going to meet at a park where there are some nice trails that form a 6.6 mile loop, with lots of options for shorter loops as well. That will allow us to optimize for running the distance we need. Multiple loops will also help with using our cars for aid stations, and changing into dry clothes throughout the morning. Getting chilled from being in sweaty shirts for 5 hours is not my idea of a fun time. I’m bringing a chunk of my wardrobe to be able to make a change half-way through the day, and at the end of the run for the drive home.

Guess it’s time to go finish getting ready, pack some PB&J for fuel, and start bundling up.


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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