Saw Deadpool

After our run on Sunday morning, the wife and I decided to hit a movie. There are three films that have our attention in theaters right now; Hail Ceaser!, Deadpool, and Zoolander 2. I feel like Zoolander 2 is best left for a video rental, and so between the other two, we opted for Deadpool. At first we were worried it would be hard to get tickets on Valentines Day for this movie, as they’ve been hyping it like crazy as a V-Day flick. Yet, when we got to the theater, there were plenty of seats.

I’m not going to spoil the plot per se, but I do want to make some comments about various aspects of the movie, so I’m going to put a big *spoiler* warning here, and simply say that if you keep reading past the fold, it might give you some hints of things you would rather wait to see in person.

I never read any of the Deadpool comics, but I was pretty familiar with the character from general sources around the comic world of the Internet. He’s a mutant who has incredible healing powers, as well as increased strength and agility. He basically can’t be killed by any normal means, and can kill with abandon. He’s also a mercenary who could care less about being a hero, and has a huge taste for sarcasm, and jokes that break the fourth wall.

I went into this movie expecting a film that would turn the traditional superhero flick on its head with absurdist comedy and constant jokes. I can’t say I was disappointed with the comedy in Deadpool, but the gist of the movie was still a traditional superhero flick, with lots of crude penis jokes thrown in. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the film, and laughed a LOT at the humor. I guess I just hadn’t expected there to be as many serious moments as there were.

The action sequences were second to none, with amazing CGI maneuvers and phenomenal acrobatic moves. The animation of Deadpool (when he was animated) was amazing and believable. It’s mind boggling how far technology has come when it comes to replicating human movement in CGI characters. The opening credits scene in particular was phenomenal and a thing of pure cinematic beauty.

I do need to say one brief bit about the humor. This is VERY crude humor. This is not elevated, intellectual comedy. It’s raw, disgusting and in your face, inappropriate, laughing out loud humor. Be prepared to laugh a lot, but also be prepared to be shocked at the language and sexual bluntness. No topic is too sacred for Deadpool.

Overall, I really enjoyed this flick, and would recommend it for anyone who’s not squeamish around raunchy jokes, or occasional flashes of full frontal stripper nudity. Visually it’s amazing, and the story ended up holding strong through to the end.


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