Return to Hogwarts

Last night we were going to rent The Martian. My kids weren’t really feeling like watching that one though, when my oldest suggested that we watch one of the Harry Potter films. With the passing of Alan Rickman this week, it seemed appropriate, and so we put in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Watching that movie again made me realize how truly amazing the world of Harry Potter is, and how much of an influence it has had on our culture. So many people have fallen in love with the idea of a world inhabited with magic and wonder. I doubt that many of us, adult or child, who have read or watched the books, haven’t dreamed of getting that letter from Hogwarts telling us that we’ve been selected to attend. Very few stories have the power to transport us like Harry Potter did, and I feel lucky to have lived when they were written.

These movies would not have been as amazing as they were without people like Alan Rickman. He brought the character of Snape to life so perfectly, that after seeing him in the first movie, my mind could only picture him as Snape when I was reading the books. His portrayal brought so much life and depth to a complex character that it made Snape feel like a real person, no matter if you loved or hated him. Rickman’s talent made this happen, and he will be sorely missed.

I’m looking forward to the Potter spinoff movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, as I think many of us could use more adventures in the wizarding world to brighten our days. Until the release of that movie though… go Slytherin!


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