Brief jaunt down memory lane

My youngest son and I are looking at high schools for him and tonight we visited the most recent incarnation of the school where I went to high school. I went to a very small outcome based education school where my graduating class was about 12 students. It’s moved buildings a few times, and none of the teachers are still there, but it still had a character that was prevalent when I attended there, namely very strong community.

It’s also changed drastically in terms of its academic structure. When I attended, there were no grades and everything was outcome based. Now, there are grades, and a strong emphasis on continuous improvement towards proficiency. They utilize the expeditionary learning model now, which is tied closely to Outward Bound. It’s a different model than what I experienced, but some things stayed the same, including calling teachers by their first names.

I’m not sure that it’s the school we’ll chose, but it was cool to spend some time reminiscing about my own high school adventure, if even for just a night.

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