Mechanical brain failure

Sometimes it’s fun to share an embarrassing story because it might just save others from the same plight. That’s what today’s blog entry is all about. If you find this information useful, then feel free to thank me (beer is nice). Otherwise, if you already knew this, then feel free to chuckle quietly at yourself as to my ineptitude.

I’ve had a snowblower for a few years, and it works moderately well. However, I’ve always lamented the fact that I never get the type of traction that I want, because only one wheel seems to be powered. I figured this was simply because I bought a slightly less expensive model, and it didn’t have all the bells and whistles of bigger versions.

Today I was at the hardware store and walked past the snowblower aisle. I glanced at the models to see if any of them had multi-wheel drive trains. Funny thing, none of them mentioned anything about it. I came home and did some Google’ing only to discover that my model does in fact drive both wheels. I simply had to move a locking pin into position on the non-powered wheel, and voila, everything works as I wanted it to.

Therefore, let this be a lesson to you to read the instruction manual a bit more completely when you’re putting together your snowblower to make sure you have the drive train set up the right way!



Beer, running, and geeky things.

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