Growing out of kittenhood

img_0411Our cat Jaina is only a couple years old, and still very much like a kitten in many ways. She’s rambunctious and still likes to play fetch, and she also doesn’t nap nearly as much as our older cat. However, she’s recently shown signs of becoming a bit more relaxed about things. In particular she’s never really liked to be held or lay in your lap. She’d sometimes lay next to you, but that was about it.

Then a few weeks ago she started getting nosy while I was working at home. She was walking all over my desk, and so I picked her up, leaned back in my chair, and put her on my chest to give her some cute chastising. She took a look at me, decided she had the upper hand, and proceeded to lie down on my chest while one of my arms held her in place.

img_0440Ever since that time though, she’s been more amicable to being on someone. In fact it’s gotten to the point where if I’m sitting in my office, or in the kitchen, working she wants to be on my lap. It doesn’t seem to matter to her that in the kitchen I’m often sitting on a bar stool, and it’s incredibly awkward to make a lap big enough for her to enjoy. Yet, she somehow makes it all happen. Strangely, she won’t sit on our laps on the couch, but will instead sit next to us.

She’s a strange cat indeed, but she’s a great cuddler when she’s in the mood. IMG_0432.JPG


Beer, running, and geeky things.

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