My crazy running friends…

The group of runners that I hang out with here in the northwest metro are a… special bunch. Or maybe I should say they’re “interesting” in that Minnesota “interesting” sort of way. Granted, I’m one of them, so I guess this could also be self-analysis, but what a couple of them came up with for yesterday brought it to a new level.

They decided that it would be wild to run a marathon… around a baseball diamond. That means 384.55 laps around the bases, all in the same direction. Hence, the inaugural Sandlot Marathon was born. I hadn’t planned on running it myself, as I felt like I needed more traditional training at this point in my build up. However, I figured I’d show up for my recovery run and get a few miles under my belt. Jacking up my back on Friday meant that any miles I did at the sandlot would be walking.

IMG_2361.JPGI arrived just as they were launching. My friend Brian did a lap in a T-Rex suit before stripping it off and sprinting to get back into position. For most of the time, the main group of guys stuck together, with an occasional person deciding to sprint for a lap to gain a slight advantage. I grabbed my coffee and started some laps, deciding to try and get in at least two miles of base walking.

IMG_2367.JPGAs the day warmed up the snow on the diamond melted and deformed. Shelly, Amy and Julie worked with shovels and rakes to get things smoothed around, and since I was walking, I decided to drag the rake behind me as I lapped around. It was actually a lot of fun, and hopefully it helped keep things a bit smoother for the crazy folks.

PC: Shelly

After my two miles were done I took a break and hung out for a while. I then got a text from my wife that she was finishing up her 25 mile run and was only 3.5 miles away. At that point I decided to hang out for a bit longer and wait for her. Since I was going to be there for a bit I decided to keep moving and managed to knock out another 2+ miles of tiny baseball diamond loops.

Eventually Lisa arrived and we needed to get going to get to the MN United FC home opener game (another amazing part of this weekend!). I bid farewell to everyone and walked back to our car. Throughout the day I kept tabs on progress, and sure enough all of the guys who started the race managed to finish a full marathon around a small baseball diamond. This is an amazing, and crazy feat, and I’m proud to call these guys friends. A little bit of crazy sometimes makes life fun and enjoyable, and these guys brought it in spades yesterday. Congrats Tim, Mark, Andy, Brian and Matt!

PC: Tim


Cubs win the series

Wednesday night was the final game of the World Series, and for the first time in 108 years the Chicago Cubs won. I was going to watch the end of the game, but gave up in the middle of the 9th when it was tied 6-6. I knew that one of two things would happen:

  1. The Indians would win it in the 9th
  2. It would go into extra innings

I was really only interested in seeing the Cubs win, so the first item wasn’t of interest to me. I had to get up for work, so the second one was a no-go as well. I know how some games can go on forever and I didn’t want to get sucked in to an early morning experience. I was happy I went to bed because I heard there was a rain delay that lengthened the event as well.

My interest in the Cubs is actually a slight bit more than just a passing one. I was born in Illinois and I’ve visited Chicago multiple times with my kids. The only baseball game I’ve been to outside of Minnesota was a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. In addition, I have a lot of fond memories as a kid watching WGN in the afternoons, waiting for the baseball game to finish before the afternoon shows would kick in. I remember seeing Harry Carey sing many, many times. However, having said all that, I usually wish all Chicago teams nothing but losing seasons as my beloved Minnesota dominates them in every sport (ya, ya I know that never happens…)

I was happy to see the curse was lifted when I got up this morning. It’s been a long time, and well deserved. Now if we can just get the Vikings to the Super Bowl….

Beer, Bikes and Baseball

My beer and bike group that I ride with decided to hit up a Twins game tonight. I have been to Target Field a few times, but tonight was actually the first time I went there for a baseball game. We had a good time, although by the eighth inning we left because we were losing 9-4. I did manage to get a couple cool photos. The one at the top was enhanced in Lightroom mobile, and the one below is a panorama.