Cubs win the series

Wednesday night was the final game of the World Series, and for the first time in 108 years the Chicago Cubs won. I was going to watch the end of the game, but gave up in the middle of the 9th when it was tied 6-6. I knew that one of two things would happen:

  1. The Indians would win it in the 9th
  2. It would go into extra innings

I was really only interested in seeing the Cubs win, so the first item wasn’t of interest to me. I had to get up for work, so the second one was a no-go as well. I know how some games can go on forever and I didn’t want to get sucked in to an early morning experience. I was happy I went to bed because I heard there was a rain delay that lengthened the event as well.

My interest in the Cubs is actually a slight bit more than just a passing one. I was born in Illinois and I’ve visited Chicago multiple times with my kids. The only baseball game I’ve been to outside of Minnesota was a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. In addition, I have a lot of fond memories as a kid watching WGN in the afternoons, waiting for the baseball game to finish before the afternoon shows would kick in. I remember seeing Harry Carey sing many, many times. However, having said all that, I usually wish all Chicago teams nothing but losing seasons as my beloved Minnesota dominates them in every sport (ya, ya I know that never happens…)

I was happy to see the curse was lifted when I got up this morning. It’s been a long time, and well deserved. Now if we can just get the Vikings to the Super Bowl….


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