Review: PATH projects Killam PX pant

I’ve been tremendously excited about the introduction of a PATH projects pant for a long time. As one of their ambassadors I’ve been privy to the ongoing development, and now, it’s finally here in the Killam PX pant. Did it live up to all of my expectations? Not that I’ve got a handful of runs in the pant let’s talk about what it is, what I liked, and a couple spots for improvement.

(Disclosure: I am a PATH projects ambassador, however I paid full price for these pants and I am free to say whatever I want about the product. No one from the company has seen this review and these thoughts are my own.)


The Killam PX pant is a running focused pant designed for men and made from Toray Primeflex™ fabric. This is the same fabric that is used in many other products in the PATH projects catalog. It’s a full length pant with 5 pockets; three in the back akin to the Sykes PX short, and two hand pockets in the front like the Graves PX short. The legs feature ankle zips at the bottom to assist with removing the shorts while still wearing shoes.

The pant features a tapered fit that gets tighter the further down the leg that you go. However, the Primeflex™ fabric is stretchy, meaning you get a nice snug fit without it feeling constrictive. That same stretch allows for a large degree of flexibility when moving, meaning that you never feel like the pant is fighting against you as you’re running.

What I like

The Killam PX is almost exactly what I’ve been wanting in a pant from PATH projects for years. The Primeflex™ fabric is one of the best fabrics I’ve ever used for running gear, matching flexibility with durability. In fact, during my second run in the Killam PX I tripped and fell, landing somewhat hard on my left knee. When I arrived home I discovered that I had a decent sized, bloody, scrape on my knee. However, when I examined the pants there was absolutely zero damage. Plus, all of the blood on the inside of the pant leg simply washed away with some cold water in the sink. It’s safe to say that they passed my unintended durability test.

I’ve been a huge fan of the Graves PX short and it’s two front pocket, one rear pocket design for a long time. It’s my go-to short for just about every run. During development of the Killam PX there was discussion on the pocket configuration with many of the ambassadors being split between the Sykes PX and Graves PX style pocket layout. In the end, PATH decided to simply do both. Therefore, the Killam PX comes with three pockets in the back, with the middle pocket big enough to accommodate most cell phones. There are also two front pockets that are larger than the back pockets and allow for easy access along the side of the pant (just like the Graves PX).

I’ve found the plethora of pockets to be a huge advantage, despite the fact that I almost never fill them all. The back pockets work great for a phone and some gels or other fuel, whereas the front pockets are wonderful for everyday carry items like a wallet or car keys. I run at a park that has had some auto break-ins so I never leave anything of value in my vehicle. Having plenty of pockets while not needing to carry a vest all the time is wonderful.

Finally, the snug fit around the calves feels great when running. It helps to keep the pant in place on your legs without using some type of elastic. The contours of the fit works great to stop movement of the pant up or down the leg, so there’s no need to worry about things riding up on you. The pants provide flexion where it’s needed, and a more snug fit where appropriate. It’s a wonderful balance.

Room for improvement

Despite praising the Killam PX profusely, there is one spot where I am hoping for some changes. The front hand pockets are just slightly smaller than the ones on the Graves PX, and I’ve found myself noticing the difference. Specifically when using the pants for “everyday carry” type of work. When finishing up at the trailhead I often just hop into my van and don’t change my pants. That means that I go from my running configuration with my phone and other items spread around the various pockets, to my everyday configuration where everything goes into the hand pockets in the front. Despite the comfort of running with a phone in the center back pocket, it doesn’t work as well when driving. I’m hoping the next version will go back to the slightly larger hand pockets in the front to give some more room to consolidate things out of the back pockets.

UPDATE: After talking with PATH they shared that it’s not a smaller size pocket, but that the zippers are larger than the Graves. That means that the opening is larger which gives the perception of a shallower pocket. It is slated to be corrected in a future update to the pants in 2022.

My only other minor comment for improvement is to add a couple more reflective elements apart from just the logos. When you spend most of your winter running in the dark, having a bit more visibility can be very helpful. Apart from that though, I really can’t say anything else negative about the Killam PX.


Is this your next winter pant? If you already run in PATH projects shorts, then 100% yes, these should find a way in to your closet. They’re everything that you love about the shorts, but longer. They’re not insulated or windproof so you’ll still need to layer in some tights during the harshest days of winter (PATH has those too), but that’s standard operating procedure up here in the frozen north anyway.

If you’re not familiar with PATH projects shorts than the Killam PX can also be a perfect introduction. Because it incorporates the pocket system from both styles of shorts (Sykes PX and Graves PX) you can experiment and see which pocket configuration you might want to invest in when you pick up some of the warmer weather gear. Once you try PATH projects you’ll probably want to keep getting more and more. They’re truly great running products.

I’m very excited to keep using these pants throughout the winter and see how long term durability holds up. I have no reason to think that I won’t get multiple seasons out of these, and that they’ll be a part of my running closet for many years to come. Overall, this is yet another great product from a company that makes a lot of great products.

Now, let’s get running…


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6 thoughts on “Review: PATH projects Killam PX pant

  1. Thanks for the review, Jamison. Like you, I’m a heavier runner which means I immediately think about the waist sizing and my belly. What are your usual “pants” waist and inseam, and which Killam pant size did you choose? Given their sizing chart, I’m thinking that Medium will probably work for me (5’8″, 170lbs, 30″ pant inseam, 32ish waist), but love to hear from you on your experience. “snugness” of the waist band will be a key for me.

  2. Great review! You mentioned you use this for winter running, but I’m wondering if it would be too hot for summer use? Especially in hot and humid weather?

    1. That really depends. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t wear long pants all summer unless I have to for work, so for me these wouldn’t work for hot and humid conditions. I know other folks who prefer to be covered during cool morning temps though and these are quite breathable.

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